This is how we work
Request for information (RFI)

We receive your initial request for information.

First contact

We contact you to get a full understanding of the project may ask you for additional information needed to provide a fast response.

Factory selection

Based on the information provided we will contact 2 of the factories we represent. Our extensive experience helps us determine which manufacturers are a potential fit for your project.

First proposal

Fairly fast, we will send you a proposal giving you an idea of possible costs and the timeframe needed to make the product.

Preparing detailed RFQ

With your inputs we create an RFQ to request a final offer from the selected factory.

Your decision needed

If the offer is interesting we will get a drawing and spec sheet made (depending on project size and factory, a tooling order might be requested).

Drawing made

We will work with the factory to make a drawing which will match the requested specs and dimensions.

Approval drawing

Although we have pre-checked the drawing, we need you to check and sign the drawing which will be the foundation for the sample production.

Sample production

We organize samples to be made and will take care of the administration and logistics of it all.

Sample approval

Depending on the tests and findings at your end, we may decide to make a second sample to check and approve.


Based on production orders we handle the admin and logistics, plus all need communication to guarantee a smooth delivery.

Questions about this or want to work with us?

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